What gaming genre do you want to see 'die' off?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
Are there any particular genre of games that you wouldn't shed a tear over if that particular genre went to ground, never to be seen again? For me, I honestly wouldn't cry that much if the generic multiplayer shooters we see, like the ever-present annual happening of Call of Duty or Battlefield were to get stuffed. They're good games but it's just too gotten too same-y for me and it's taking away from other kind of genres.

What genre woudl you rid the world off? If you don't want to get rid of anything, why not?
Honestly I'm with you on the multiplayer shooters, same with multiplayer battle arena games.
Yeah, Multiplayer shooters could lessen, so could sports games as the market seems flooded these days.
I think battle royale has been dragging the gaming industry for 2 years now. And it needs to die off. I also think that microtransaction trend also need to reduce a bit.
It's not a genre as such but I would love some of the simulation games to die off. There are quite a few crap ones on the PS Store that have been badly made and are just there to "fill the market".
Currently the way things work out in that case, I'd say that "micro-transaction" mentality among the developers need to die off. Because that would not be affordable for the gamers.

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