What games you where not allowed to play as a kid?


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To be fair, I had quite chill parents growing up as I wasn't really excluded from playing anything. I know for sure I was playing GTA London and going on murderous rampages at the ripe old age of about ten years old and I haven't grown up to be a vicious murderer so I'm sure I wasn't scarred by that experience.

What about you lot? Did your parents ever stop you playing something at some point?


I wasn't allowed to play Grand Theft Auto when I was like 10. I remember my mom saying I couldn't buy it or even play it at my cousins house. I had protective parents when I was young. They started laying back on that when I was about 15. Then it didn't so much matter anymore
To be honest, I wasn't really excluded from playing anything as a child. My parents were very laid back and cool. I can remember some great childhood gaming memories.


None. My parents were great and I was never banned from playing any games. I first played Grand Theft Auto when I was 5 or 6 I think at my cousins place and loved driving around the game. Not sure they knew about the 18+ rated stuff in the game though :D


To be honest, I was playing whatever I wanted to play. My parents never said "you can't play that game because there is too much violence" or something similar. We all know that it's just a video game and no one will go shooting at people in real life after playing Grand Theft Auto on his PC or console. OK, some rare cases might occur but that is just the person itself.


Grand Theft Auto 4. I convinced them to let me get it, and then they saw the prostitute stuff and took it away lol.
Number one mistake LMAO. Did you visit them whilst your parents were there or did something come up by accident? I always avoid certain things when my parents are near.