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What games are you getting from the Steam Autumn Sale?


The Steam Autumn Sale started on 26th (2 days ago). Have you picked any new video games yet? Or you are still searching for the new perfect fit to your collection?

I still can't decide what game to buy. If you could leave a recommendation in this thread I would appreciate it. :)


I saw Shadow of War and a couple of others going pretty cheap, but nothing really grabbed my interest.


I am looking forward to the black friday sales. I hope they have some good programs and also some discounts on the popular games.


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Haha. More like waiting for entire year to spend money; :D
Preach, 100%. There are times when I wait for a long time just to see that tantalizing "Sale" popup.

xenonVirus. Sometimes being patient pays off, especially in games.


I am kind of disappointed though. Not a lot of good sales during the black Friday. I guess we have to wait till the Christmas.

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