What games are 'too long' to consider playing?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
I never love having to have a moan about a game but there are some which just seem to drag a little too much. For example, one game which is getting me is actually one that I'm enjoying at the moment - RDR2 - and whilst I am enjoying the game I've feel like I've been playing it for hours alread and I've barely done anything on the game but a couple missions. I've only just manged to unlock the stagecoach fast travel thing.

What games do you feel go on a bit longer than they need to?
These days games have go so small that I crave for campaigns and long games. I mean I miss games like age of mythology. I don't think there are long enough games these days. It's pretty sad.
MMOS, I mean really, how long would it take to properly beat Final fantasy 14? Also Dragon quest comes rather close at over 100 hours itself.
At the advice of a friend here, I downloaded the Wrestling Revolution and honestly, this game has been addictive as I play from one wrestling match to another with unending time. One thing about the game is that the game developer did well with the real attitudes of the characters which makes it fun to a big extent.

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