What games are similar to Euromillions?

Been a fan of quick instant win games for quite a while, mainly to kill time if am waiting for something or commuting. Does anybody here have any recommendations? I'm looking for games similar to Euromillions.


If you love playing casual games, Bubble shooter is good game to try. Its quick, entertaining and will kill your time too.


Hi everyone, I'm sending you this message to tell you about a super nice mobile game that is AGE OF STRATEGY a game where you control an army that you create yourself to defeat your enemies, it's a really cool game or you have several game modes where you can reconstructed historical battles, multiplayer, play campaign etc ... the game is ultra complete with tens of unity just as cool one as the others, playing you will win gemes that will allow you to buy other units, the game is a bit like a total war game but on the phone, the game really puts forward the strategy and the game offers the possibility to create its own maps and the to share with the community of the game frankly I strongly advise you.


How is age of strategy? How about you add some youtube video to the same?I am sure it'd be fun that way.