What Game You Play’n?

Wow I looked at this 20years ago when I was writing game reviews for a Mac Gaming site. At the time I was writing about Second Life as a possibly good place to play games. I also seem to remember someone becoming a millionaire selling virtual real estate. :)
It's now the largest gaming world ever. I dropped $25 on it to get a cool looking avatar and some land/house. :)
It's great to see what games you're playing! Personally, I've been into Apex Legends lately. It's a fast-paced battle royale game with cool characters and weapons. I'm also a big fan of Valorant, which is a team-based shooter with a lot of strategy involved.
I prefer PUBG or Warzone for battle royale. I heard of Valorant. It's cool?
Feb 2023- My current lineup:
  • World of Warships- I kind of have a love hate relationship with this game, but my recent renewed interest in running destroyers and cruisers is a nice change of pace.​
  • Grounded- Fun coop in the spirit of Honey I Shrunk The Kids, nice graphics, good story, and at times challenging.
  • Dying Light - I like post apocalyptic zombie shooters, spend years playing Left 4 Dead, recently Dead Island, and now this which has some nice cinematic qualities, and so far is fun.
Euro truck simulator 2, American truck simulator, The Bus and Beam Ng
Hogwarts Legacy
Wolfstein new order
How great is this as an RPG? :D

It's now the largest gaming world ever. I dropped $25 on it to get a cool looking avatar and some land/house. :)
Ref Second Life- How are the built in games? When I checked on this 20ish years so, the games were basic, and could not really compete with commercial products.

Now as far as virtual property, I probably should look at this again myself, but just how interesting is the land you purchased? Are there terraforming tools to make your space special or is it what you see is what you get?
March 2023-
  • Dragon’s Dogma Darkness Arisen- Played on Steam. I like the combat mechanics, crafting is reasonable, a large world to explore. Yet the save mechanics suck, when you manually save the game it writes over the current save, and when it hiccups which for me has not been that infrequent, you may lose a substantial amount of progress. My advice is after every major event make a copy of the active save. (Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\548xxx\36xxx\remote\DDDA.sav) Your user number maybe different, but DDDA saves folder will start with 36. I save both the files in the 36xxx folder. Not sure how things are handled if you have cloud saves turned on, but I have Cloud saves on and I can substitute my own saves it it works.
  • World of Warships- Still playing exclusively Random Battles.
  • Grounded- Has slid more or less back into queue status. Still regard it as a good game, but too much on my plate.
  • Dying Light - Has slid back into queue status. Anticipate returning to it.
Well let me tell you, friend, Crusader Kings 3 is a far cry from your average civilization-style game. Oh, it has the trappings of civilization-building all right, with kingdoms and dynasties and the like, but where it truly shines is in the intrigue. The intrigue, I tell you! It's thick as molasses in January!
Why, in Crusader Kings 3, you've got court politics and backstabbing and scheming and plotting, all in the name of power and prestige. It's a game of thrones, you might say, only without the dragons (though there are a few creatures that might give ol' Daenerys a run for her money).
And let me tell you, it's a hoot to watch it all unfold. You'll find yourself up to your elbows in scandal and deceit, trying to navigate the treacherous waters of the court while keeping your own position secure. It's a game that demands your full attention, and the stakes are high.
So if you're looking for a simple civilization-building sim, you'd best look elsewhere. But if you want to test your wits against the cunning and ambition of your fellow players, then Crusader Kings 3 is the game for you.
And let me tell you, I've been around the block a time or two in this gaming business, and I can tell you that this one is a real gem. It's got the depth and complexity of a classic strategy game, with the added bonus of a cast of characters straight out of a Shakespearean play. It's the sort of game that'll keep you up late into the night, muttering to yourself and shaking your head in disbelief at the antics of your enemies.
Crusader Kings 3 is a Civilization sort of game... with a whole lot more intrigue. And that, my friend, is what sets it apart from the rest.
Would you say there is any game play similarities to Stellaris, if you have played that?
I recently got a new gaming laptop and hopped back into PC gaming after a long hiatus, so I've been playing CS, Valorant and Sea of Thieves with my work friends, as well as Football Manager 23, Civ 6 and occasionally Sims 4 with my gf :)
I have played many games. More of them are my favorite but I always prefer motorbike racing games. These days I am playing Traffic Rider. This is a fabulous game with free version
Stardew Valley: Never got into it on my first tries but now I've fallen prey to it, it's relaxing after playing some of my more intense games
Dead By Daylight: Speaking of intense, I'm kind of off and on with this one. Pc It can either be really frustrating or really fun, which sucks cause I'm passionate about everything to do with this game except for when it gets me all heated!
Help Wanted - Switch: I wanted to play this game so bad when it came out but alas, I had no VR system. In my opinion even if you don't like the FNAF games this one is still pretty fun to spook yourself with
Nothing is impossible
April 2023-
  • I’ve been trying to figure out if there is an inexpensive way to play Mario Karts on my PC. I know there are emulators out there, and play in your browser versions, I just don’t want to spend $300 on a Nintendo Switch. Suggestions for a good experience? I love The 64 version, and I actually have an original 64 and Mario Karts, but when I hooked it up to a modern large TV, it looks like crap…
  • X4 Foundations- I played this on release, got tired of feeling the need to constantly deal with Xenon incursions, then over time forgot how I got my fleet of corvettes so I’m watching some tutorials and plan on giving this another shot. Just not sure if I‘ll ignore the Xenon letting the Galaxy deal with them or not.
  • Farcry 5- This is fun, playing coop.
  • World of Warships- Still playing.
Now I'm Playing Lineage 2 Essence - Dwelling Spirit astasoftgames

best nostalgic mmorpg in the world
May 2023-
  • Spaceborne 2 it was a little too unfinished for me, so set it aside. A online friend actually felt compelled to buy me a $70 Star Citizen spaceship. I’m undecided, but it challenges my hardware, getting 20-30fps and this is in areas with basically nothing going on. I also reinstalled Elite Dangerous, but have found flying ships in that game with keyboard mouse is challenging, or maybe I’m just getting old… 🤔 I played it before, but can’t remember if I used my joystick or not. :(
  • I’m in the final chapter of FarCry 5 (recommended) and am contemplating what RPG to play next, mulling over Skyrim, The Outer Worlds, even Fallout 4…again (all of which I have played before). This article is interesting:Best Games Like Fallout 4

    I’ve played some of these games which feel very different than F4.I know there is disagreement, it is not perfect by a long shot, but F4 is my gold standard. It gave me what I wanted. :)
  • World of Warships- I’ve opened myself up, back to playing destroyers and cruisers, in addition to battleships. Team play with strangers can be excruciating. Wargaming has made some crappy decisions in the name of game balancing, but still it feels much less pay to win, than World of Tanks.

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