What game character would you love to control in VR?


Is there any character from a game you play that you wish had a Virtual Reality version? Maybe you wouldn't want to experience being blown up or shot but are there are other games where the main guy is super cool and you'd love to live his life through VR for just a bit?

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There is no specific character, but i love to be the Terrorist from Counterstrike game where i go and plant a C4. If you looking for character, then i will be M. Bison from old fighting game :)


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Hmm that's a tough question! I guess either Solid Snake, Kazuma Kiryu or Ryo Hazuki would be pretty cool to be in VR. :) kick butt and chew bubblegum sorta thing. :p


I think modern games would be haxed with ethics department. And so I'd love to see some of the old games female characters to be in the virtual reality. I mean fantasy exists for a reason. And having better female character in virtual reality makes sense. It brings money too.

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Any of the Grand Theft Auto characters I guess. Imagine having the power to do whatever you want and being able to quickly make cash. Yes please!

Exactly what I was going to say haha, I can just imagine playing GTA V in Virtual Reality (which already sounds bloody amazing) but then having the chance to go through the game 'through' Trevor's eyes would also be just as thrilling. Especially as he's the nutjob of the bunch, I can just imagine the fun that would come from that one! Hopefully the cash we make in-game though Ash would translate over into real life haha.

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He he he, GTA V is a good game choice. I will use a trainer or hack and kill as many people or cops :D