What game are you playing right now?

Right now, I'm still playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I already beat the campaign and postgame (not gonna spoil either of them), but now I'm grinding coins so I can complete the remaining 3% of the game.
I'm playing Golf impact on mobile cuz there is upcoming p2e version of it Crypto Golf impact.
On pc apex, assassin's creed. Horizon, COD. also got not much time for pc games now a days
I am playing some tennis games at the moment on mobile. The reason is that I am trying to see how I can react in some situations that warrants me building my mindset on that. Gaming is always a huge part of my life.
I think it's great that you're using gaming to improve your mindset.
In tennis, you frequently find yourself in situations where you must make split-second judgments under pressure. Tennis games may teach you how to remain composed and focused even when circumstances aren't going your way.
I am playing Diablo IV. The season just started and I've made 3 characters. 2 are classes I haven't played yet. :) Playing almost daily right now.
It doesn't matter what platform. Also, what is your progress? Why are you playing? Are you ambitious to win more than usual?

Myself, I still need to get a TV for my Nintendo Wii. Well, actually I want to get a used Wii U.
I'm actually playing 2 different games, Bastion and Shadow of Mordor. Both are on ps4 and while I'm 3/4 into Bastion, I restarted on Shadow of Mordor so I don't even have much of a percentage to give. I play just to play most of the time so ambition has nothing to do with it.
Right now, I'm not playing a physical game, but I can help you understand how to explain it to your sixth-grade students.

We're currently enjoying a fun game with Orbeez guns. These guns shoot small, colorful Orbeez-like tiny water-filled beads. It's a game where we have lots of laughter and excitement. There are four of us playing: me and my three teenage children, two boys and one girl.

The game works like this: We have an Orbeez gun and playfully shoot Orbeez at each other, trying to tag one another. It's like a playful battle of wits and agility, where we dodge and aim to hit our targets. The Orbeez burst on contact, adding to the fun as they splash around.

Playing with Orbeez guns is entertaining and helps us bond as a family. We laugh, strategize, and enjoy each other's company while playing this game together. It's a great way to have fun and create lasting memories with my children.
I just started playind Dead Island 2 since it just came to gamepass, and i gotta say, it's pretty fun so far!

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