What game are you playing on your PC?


There are games that have nice visuals when played on PC and example of such game is the WWE wrestling game. I enjoy the smack down movements when I play it on my PC. What game do you play often on PC?


I play Counter Strike: Global Offensive daily with my friends but to be honest, I rage at the game more than I enjoy it because of the huge amount of cheaters, griefers, troller and whatnot. Grand Theft Auto V is another video game which I play almost daily. Before I was spending 5-6 hours in it but not anymore. Also, just recently started to be coming back to Minecraft.
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I am currently playing one of the games specific to the tower defense category. After playing little nightmares I found one similar game with tower defense context. So it's definitely something I have going on. I may create thread and review it once I get enough idea till the end.