What Equipment Do you use?

My name is Lucas and I am a student designing a modern storage and transportation unit for gaming equipment. I would very much like to get feedback on what equipment we all use based from laptop to core to mouse. Whatever you use I want to know If you compete I would love to hear what you take to competitions with you so I can get a general consensus of what people take, If you just take a mouse because you feel your mouse is lucky or even if you take you entire gaming setup that isn't static. The whole point of my project is to build this unit around the general equipment people take to competitions and how I can reduce damage and any chance of breaking occurring. Any feedback would be massively helpful, I will be putting this on multiple forums across the internet so if you see this pop up on other forums please don't hesitate to just put your info down on multiple! Please do not be shy as any information is good information, very much look forward to hearing from all of you.