What do you think when a game is called 'outdated'?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
When I talk to my friends, I hear it more and more that they think certain games are now classed as 'outdated' or out of touch with the modern games that we can grab now. For me, I'm not a big fan of saying that games are outdated and not worth the time. Games can still be fun, 10, 20 years after they first come out. Just yesterday I finished another playthrough of GTA SA on my PC and it's had me hooked since I started it up again last week, the same with the older Pokemon Gen 1/2 games - they may be old but dang do they keep me hooked in.

What do you think? Can games really just get 'outdated' or can older games still be a massive source of fun?
The genuine answer would be when the press stops talking about it and then there are no news and the updates from the game. That's where the game seems to be getting outdated. I know many games stay relevant for years but it's not always going to be possible for games to stay fresh.
I know what they mean. It's hard for me to play the older GTA titles because we've gotten so used to the graphics and gameplay from 4 and 5. The nostalgia for the games is there but the eagerness to keep playing once you try it again isn't
So its old and worth play? That's kind of what I think and I will check out any old title that has some worth to it.

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