What do you think of the Call of Duty franchise?


Feb 1, 2019
Speak of the devil. Call of Duty is always a hot button topic. It's waned this past year compared to when eighth gen was just getting underway and Call of Duty: Ghosts was at the center of a rather nasty debacle known as Resolution gate. However, the series has been rinsed and repeated so often throughout the years that it always sparks up debate about Activision doing little more than re-skinning the game and cashing in on brand name recognition.
I'm looking forward to the new Modern Warfare 4 I think it is that's releasing soon for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Should be a great addition to the gaming franchise. Currently I'm not a huge fan of black ops 4 but call of duty ww2 was a really good game. Got to 9th prestige on it. Was a fun play
I like it that they are coming up with battle royale feature like the PUBG and Fortnite. Not sure how they are going to be setting up the game in such case. I'd say that some of the games start with different maps each season. And that is what keeps people playing with the game. And it all comes at a cost as well for addiction to game.
Call of duty is one of the most exciting games that you can play any day as there is no dull moment with it. When it comes to playing it, playing World at War gives me goosebumps as making use of Springfield gun is somewhat better and enables me to complete some phases as well. What is your favorite scene of the game?
from time to time, I picked it up again when Sony gave away black ops 3 for free.

There is this connection that I have with Call of Duty games. I like gun fights games especially when you add up the joy of killing your enemies in the game. Anyways, why wait for the free version?
I used to play it but don't play it much nowadays. I got Black Ops 4 but returned it after a while because I wasn't too happy with it. Felt like I play £30 for a BR game with a few added game modes.
As a fan, you need to appreciate the brilliance of the COD programmers for their significant innovations. And also apart from the fun aspect Call of duty, COD must have made you learn little extra experience about world geography from modern warfare. Regardless of your COD game of choice/experience level, you can take this quiz to test your knowledge about COD.
I got a 13 out of 20. Eh, 65%. I'll take it, but I'm still a COD noob in terms of knowledge... heh.

xenonVirus. COD knowledge or not, I may be a semi-OK gamer anyway.
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Mine's 11 out of 20. Not impressive I know. But yeah I can't be fan of one game I know.
I'm a huge fan of call of duty games and I'd completed this game from World at War to Call of duty WWII.
So most of the questions were quite good and I was able to answered most of them but I've to take a few attempts to pass all that questions and not so sure how much I scored but at least I tried .....:)
I'm also a fan of the COD franchise. I received 14/20 for the quiz. That was fun, refreshing my memory.
I haven't played much of the COD franchise, but I'm thinking about it...

since, my friends have been playing COD: mobile on their phones. ?

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