What do you think of gaming in prisons?


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Mar 23, 2019
In some prisons, sure not the ones where people go for the rest of their lives for a heavy crime, but in those ones which are more humane prisoners are being given the chance of playing video games be it on a console or on a PC. Sure, online access is very limited or doesn't even exist because of security measures. After all, it's a prison and it's meant for them to be isolated from the rest of the world. What do you think of that, should they be allowed to play video games?

Personally, I find it a very good way to cheer a prisoner for good behaviour or just as another way of entertainment for them. I mean, it's not good to stay in a small room between 4 walls all the day long and do nothing else. A person might drive himself crazy that way. Gaming is a great way to keep the prisoners entertained in my opinion but only if they behave well enough to earn it.
Oh yeah, the person only raped or murdered someone, let them enjoy the same freedoms as me and others have :P

but seriously, given my gaming backlog I'll rob a bank just so I can game in peace for several years.
Well, I wasn't thinking of allowing a murderer or a rapist to be allowed to play video games in the prison. I was thinking more of small crimes such as harassment, domestic violence and things like that. My head can't think of exact crimes that are minor enough for the prisoner to be allowed gaming but I'm sure there are a lot of that type.
I think the people who are into prison should be instead educated. And they are supposed to get back into the society. And make sure to give them some sort of job and the financial assurance. Gaming only affects their mind more. So it's better to avoid gaming in prisons.
it could be good as a sort of leisure, but then again, some would argue, what's the point of being put in prison if you can have fun like other "well behaved citizens" outside.

but anyway, that reminds me of the first prison in "The escapists" games where you are a prisoner that must escape from prison.

but, the very first prison, lore-wise and game design-wise, is a very lenient and "comfortable" prison actually...

because it has a library in it, and also there's even a computer available to use for the prisoners. ? though I'm not sure if has internet connected lols. ?

check out the game on steam:

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