What do you think about story-based games?


Feb 3, 2019
Lately, I've been into mobile games that have stories which progress throughout the gameplay. Examples of this are Hungry Hearts and Heart's Medicine where you have to reach a certain level in the game before the next piece/part of the story gets unlocked.

I also like playing story-based games where your choices influences how the story goes. Examples of these are Choices and Episode.

Do you guys like games with a story or would you rather it didn't have one and you just had to beat levels to finish the game? Do you think the story adds to the game or not?
I feel like the story does add to the game. Stories in the game can give the player a little of entertainment while they play the game. Also, I feel like stories in the game make players want to come back to play, just to find out what is going to happen next. I feel like stories in the games are like T.V. episodes they keep you on the edge to your seat! I love when games have a story in them!
I enjoying a story based game because it is more adventurous and you will never get bored on playing if there is a long story line.
The story of the video game is very important for me especially if it's mean to be the main aspect of the game. A deep and well-written story can touch my heart and make me like the game even more. I can give an example with The Walking Dead - it feels like I'm one of the characters there and not just playing something on my PC. It's like an adventure in another world.
I love games which have story worth watching and playing. You can see that story based games are definitely worth it for the content and also it does not bore you on that context.

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