What do you think about Rockstar's game design? Is it outdated or not?


Hack The Planet!
Oct 21, 2019
After looking at some review videos of Red Dead Redemption 2 (because I wanted to buy it for the PS4), I came across a few people who say that Rockstar's game design is kind of outdated, and I can see where they are going with this.
The open-world design of RDR2 is absolutely beautiful and it's truly interesting to see the varied interactions that go along with talking to NPCs, interacting with game objects, or just going out for a stroll. However, when it comes to missions, all of that is taken away and you are left with the following objectives:
  • Approach [plot character]
  • Follow [plot character]
  • Return to [plot character]
  • Kill [plot character]
  • Drive to a secluded spot.
(And why can't you rob a bank except during missions?)

The last one, when I saw it, drove me slightly crazy. You can't just stop it in the middle of the woods, that would be too easy. The game essentially forces you to use the radar and park in the exact spot, in essence railroading you to follow the plot.
There's a video that is basically the 37-minute version of what I've just wrote that I will link below:
Oh yeah I think its been outdated since gta3. (Haha I'm not much of a fan of the gta series)

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