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Let's face it, life is STRESSFUL. Especially right now with everything that's going on in our world. So, what do you do to unwind and relax? Relaxing is an important thing to do now and then to help stop the increase of mental health issues, keep you from burning out and the like. So, what is it that you do to relax?


Read a book or maybe just chill out with a movie to gaming, I relax with FLight sims then again things go wrong and I crash then RIP

With the Underlining :p


I've always been on the computer. Generally, by the time I get off of work, I want to do something mindless, like watch tv, surf the internet or play a video game. If I actually have time, I would like to go outside and look up at the stars. For a while, I started reading a book right before bed. Sometimes the lack of light and visual stimuli does the trick.


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When I need to relax, I usually chill on my computer, read a book, post a few things to JoyFreak, watch funny videos on YouTube, play some video games, or sit down on the balcony and do some amateur stargazing.

I have a bunch of books in one of the spare bedrooms of my house. My hubby has dubbed that spare bedroom as "the library" because of all the books I have stored in there. I also have a Kindle Fire that I'll take with me when I travel so that I can read while I travel without having to carry a bunch of books with me.

Anyway, reading is something I've found to be relaxing as well as entertaining. I always have plenty to read and keep me entertained. Even during the pandemic that we've been experiencing, I have plenty to do. Plus, my neighbors aren't going to complain about my books being too loud.

Brad P

I find watching youtube videos relax me, i end up watching a few vids and then its the next morninglol, it must have a good effect for me.

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