What do guys think of girl gamers? We are NOT a myth, nor super rare!


Apr 18, 2019
I am a female, I play games. Simple. I see no reason for special treatment. In fact, in certain games, I would pretend to be male while playing certain games since, in those games, female players would be placed on a pedestal, or the armours would be just a bit too revealing for my tastes.

As for how I feel on male gamers...I'm rather pleased with the ones I've met. I'm given no special treatment, and am pretty much equal. I haven't met any that treated me special since I was a girl. (Except that one dude who told me to make him a 'sammish', but he got his turn)

On these forums at least, Girl Gamers aren't super rare, nor are they any kind of myth.


Hack The Planet!
Oct 21, 2019
I'll echo everyone else's opinions in this thread and say that I don't mind playing with female gamers. If I do end up playing with one, I'll just play the game normally unless they are intentionally trolling or making the experience bad for me/my team.


Feb 7, 2019
Gender does not matter. As long as you don't use it as a weapon to demean another gender and use sex as a means to make money. I don't care about female gamers playing the game but they should not use their gender benefits to collect sympathy. referring to twitch streamers especially.


Jan 16, 2020
Skill is skill, anyone is capable of being great at video games or terrible at them, gender plays absolutely no part in how well your thumbs move or how well your eyes track things. I've played many games with many female gamers and had plenty of sound defeats at their hands. Doesn't matter to me who I play against or with, what matters is having a good time while you're at it.

I think the myth about female gamers and "girls don't play games" stems more to the older spectrum. It was certainly more of a rarity when I started playing games, though girls certainly still gamed at that time, as well. They suffered a lot more abuse in the early days of online gaming just because of their gender, and I always found that disgraceful, but these days it's mellowed out a bit. Are there still guys that take it too far, or guys that will use gender as a taunting mechanism? Absolutely, but the level of vitriol has definitely dwindled, IMO.

Personally, when it comes to girl gamers, I say the more the merrier. Everyone should game, it's an incredible hobby and an immersive community that is, mostly, accepting of everyone.


Mar 27, 2019
I pretty much agree with what has been said regarding gender not really making a difference in skills. We pick the skills as we play different games and different people like different genres. Sometimes I wish I was less of a wuss and tried more typically mature games but I am not going to force myself into something that doesn't attract me for the sake of my insecurities and I'd hate other people did that to fit with games.

I think part of the reason why girls were seen as inferior was that a lot of the games made for girls were really trying to appeal to the girliest of girls while a lot of people are neutral and just want to have fun. Not every man in the world love competitive games and not every girl is going after my little pony and thankfully now things have become a lot more interesting with girls that grew up gaming now being involved with the industry.

I can relate to choosing male versions for most of my games. Sometimes the silliest things will make me happy, like animal crossing allowing girl characters to wear shorts. Haha.


Feb 13, 2020
I'm a male and to me I don't care who I play with. I can understand in certain online games why females don't show who they are. I remember one game there was a female voice and the reaction of all the men was terrible. You'd think they'd had a surprise stripper for the group turn up with all the shouting, rude comments and just general unpleasant experience for her.

I think more should reveal who they are just to make it a normal experience and maybe them reactions will die down. It's a genuine surprise when I'm gaming with a female and it shouldn't be like that.


Feb 16, 2020
It's been a long time since girls who play video games are no longer rare, in fact my girlfriend plays all styles of games much more than me, and from my experience I see it regularly in my entourage !


Jan 23, 2019
The one who plays against genders are bad players and they play for the opposition person. For me I am a male and never ever checked whether the person is female or not. I always tried to defeat the other person and this is called a game.


Jan 15, 2020
If people are really looking at girls being gamers anything other than fantasy in the year 2020, either they live under the biggest rock known to man or have been ignoring the literature.