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Question What course(s) would you like to take?

Lord Saru

There are infinitesimal courses we all like to take, either to earn degrees or to do it simply because we love it.

I have these in mind.

Flying lessons: I love to fly. Infact I was at that point of pursing it seriously. But after I came to know that you need really good score in physics, I dropped that.

Constitutional law and international relations: Its one thing that I am seriously thinking of pursuing in the post COVID19 era.

Hotel management and cuilinary science: Come on,who wouldnt love a chef at home?

What are yours?


I would love a cooking one actually. I'm not the worst in the kitchen but I really need to learn to make some new things and probably some basics as well.
I've taken a lot of courses, usually dealing with psychology and counseling, but there are always new ones coming along I'm excited to take. But outside of that realm, I'd be interested in taking some cooking/baking classes. I love doing both, but could be better at them, I"m sure. I'd also be interested in taking another photography course or even a creative writing course.
I studied PoliSci with the idea of going into law. I was thinking of doing either constitutional law, family law, or probate. Probably 2 of the 3. But, I didn't end up finishing my PoliSci degree, and never went on to law school. I learned a lot more about philosophy than I ever did about political science.

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