What console was THE console to have when you were a kid?


For my age group the Atari 2600 was the one to have, but I was pretty young when it was released, I would when I was then the appropriate gaming age the 8 bit Nintendo was the deal, Sega Genisis was cool but wasn't quite what the Nintnedo was. Muliplayer then was a heap different than it is now, you had to have friends, extra controllers and then argue about who would be what character long and loud enough mom would come in a make us go outside before we even got started...


SNES for me or the Sega Genesis. I personally loved the SNES more, but thats probably because I didn't get to play Genesis as a kid.


SNES, Gameboy and also mostly dreamboy. It was kind of multiple chinese vendors that I have tested too. 90s was a good time for options.
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