What console was THE console to have when you were a kid?


Mar 16, 2020
For my age group the Atari 2600 was the one to have, but I was pretty young when it was released, I would when I was then the appropriate gaming age the 8 bit Nintendo was the deal, Sega Genisis was cool but wasn't quite what the Nintnedo was. Muliplayer then was a heap different than it is now, you had to have friends, extra controllers and then argue about who would be what character long and loud enough mom would come in a make us go outside before we even got started...
SNES for me or the Sega Genesis. I personally loved the SNES more, but thats probably because I didn't get to play Genesis as a kid.
Growing up, I was born after the NES crazy and grew up in the SNES and N64 era, soon becoming PS1 and xbox era. Great times to be in.
For me it was either the Sega Genesis or the N64. One was better for playing with others, the other was all for myself.
SNES, Gameboy and also mostly dreamboy. It was kind of multiple chinese vendors that I have tested too. 90s was a good time for options.
Oh and also the gameboy color. I still hate that they didnt add lights to the screens until the Advanced SP.

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