What challenge do you face from your parents as a little game kid?


I was still in the lower education level when I began gaming and it was not easy as there are days my dad will take hold of my video game for days stating that I won't play it till I am done with one task or another. Did you have such experience?


I feel like my generation was the beginning of the gaming revolution...at least on console. We would play for hours on end and often times through the night until early in the morning. I don't remember ever really having an issue with my parents, perhaps because it was all new and you didn't have people claiming gaming was not good for kids. On top of that, we all still made plenty of time to go do things outside.


Most of the time I had some specific amount of time allocated to the gaming. And it was not that easy for me to work with various games out there. So I think it was a good time as a kid and I loved having my parents giving me right space for games and study.