What are your favourite tank action games?


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Feb 7, 2019
I am not sure how many of you have played those tank retro games on console or the retro game machines. Those games are definitely fun to play on PC or even on console. I mostly play the games on android lately. And they can be fun to play and don't take much of our time.

e.g. Pocket tank, or say 1947 tank are some of the one I even play some of the time these days.

What were your favorite tank games?
I haven't played any retro tank games but I play a modern one. It's called War Thunder and it's focused around World War 2 tanks from all the major countries - USSR, USA, UK, Italy, Japan, etc... There are also warplanes and warships except the tanks as other game modes which are available. It's pretty fun to play especially in beginning but after a while you get much more experienced opponents.
I am not sure if you have played pocket tanks. If not, then I'd recommend you to try it out. It's a good game. And if you check the gameplay, it's pretty much fun to play that game.

I've never played any proper retro tank action games but I remember playing a tank like game when I was younger on Miniclips. Can't remember what the name was but it was sort of like worms but with tanks.
In that case you can try out Pocket Tanks game from the Android. You may definitely find it fun. It is basically retro game remake as is. With few changes on levels.

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