What are your favorite things to watch on YouTube?


Nope, wouldn't say favorite things to watch but in general, watching things. Might watch gaming content and then from clips to interesting bloggers. I spent more hours watching learning and how to do videos lol


Mainly COD videos that are by KYRSpeedy and football videos. In terms of the football ones, it's mostly game highlights, analysis videos or fan reactions.


sports, that's boring as flip then again I'm not a sports person :p

Yet watching girls play sports and seeing those sexy legs
There are three YouTubers I generally watch on a consistent basis: John Wolfe, Mr. Kravin and DomPlays. The three of them generally play horror games. They're all super entertaining to me and it's so funny when they get scared. Other than that, there have been other videos I've watched, mostly older music, but I haven't been on YouTube as much as I used to be, admittedly.
Mega rants on Resident Evil, most of all. It's always great to hear what your fellow fans are thinking, rather than the websites that are paid to say untrue shit.


I usually start out quarantine day with a cup of coffee, checking email and Microsoft Teams messages, while watching the ABC News livestream on YouTube. Then I see if there's anything new from Seth Meyers or The Daily Show, and will move onto either a random game-related channel, or something history or science related.

I also binged all of the Hot Ones episodes on the First We Feast channel. In like a week or two. I was seriously addicted to that show hah.
Honestly, lots of music, how to fix stuff, some memes/vines, weird murders/missing people stories, some Let's players, nostalgic stuff. My main social media I'd say.
I normally go to Youtube to listen to music so I'm normally watching the official videos to the songs I'm listening to. For instance, I've recently discovered a band called the HU (pronounced the who). I've been listening to some of their music the last couple of days.


I like to watch Ron Pratt, Who does Midwest Trucking jobs. He uploads once to twice a week. Been watching it for 5 years going.

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I watch several fitness trainers as well. I also like watching nature or animal ones i.e. The Dodo.
"Keep Off The Weed", is likely what Big Audio Dynamite meant to call this song! I used to get a laugh at their stuff. The horses... are on the track. šŸ¤­

A young Mick Jones. šŸ˜³

It's too bad. The Clash (unofficially) reunited in my backyard, in November of 2002. One month later, Joe Strummer was gone... šŸ˜¢

I have been getting really into fitness YouTubers or videos.
Right now, I mostly watch content about indie games. But my interests are vast and varied. I like quite a few fitness type Youtubers. Every Damn Day Fitness, BullFit, Swolenoruous, My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You, ect... They are all good in their own ways.


I watch anything and everything on YT that tickles my interest, whether that's old highlights of hockey or football ("soccer") moments, old clips of Top Gear (Old and 'New' [Clarkson, Hammond and May] format Top Gear), plenty of gaming channels, music playlists, tech channels, and so on. Whatever most piques my interest at that point, I've got a subscription for it!
The content most watched for me in my spare time would be a few cryptocurrency related channels (Chico Crypto, The Modern Investor) as well as a lot of personal finance (Graham Stephan, Andrei Jikh)

Though I also watch a ton of work related videos; for me this is, Linux Administration, Docker, and Networking


I've also started watching driving instructor videos and mock driving tests (done in the UK) as a way to learn what mistakes other people make and to see what I can do better as well
Animal videos, mostly about cats, big or small.
Guns, history of, competitions and 2A.
Video game news and reviews.
Tech, news, reviews and how to.
History, most anything that catches my interest.
And lots of general interest stuff.


I tend to watch allot of flight sims video, seeing what you can do and also learn from the videos if you stuck on trying to fly. I do look at gameplay videos for ideals regards anything


I've been watching a few coding videos lately, I find they are much better than paying 13.99 on Udemy etc.
YouTube is amazing for things like this. Certain parts of YouTube is useful but their educational content is great. Shoutout to all the great YouTubers that do this as well!


Iā€™m usually watching video game replays or tutorials on model/scenery/diorama making. Not that I ever make anything like that I just enjoy the creativity.