What are you saving up for?


So, what is everyone currently saving towards? Given this is a gaming forum, I'm expecting a lot of PS5/XOSX responses, but it could just as easily be a car, kitchen referb, or anything really?

My phone needs replacing soon, so that's going to be my next "big purchase" Haven't decided which one, but I'm hoping for something fairly economical.


New PC, mostly. Want to turn my current PC into a NAS device and it's time to upgrade in general, so I'm saving up for parts and storage.


I was saving for a trip, but this saving is going on since quarantine started lol, still don't know when I'll be able to travel but savings are always good even for emergencies
Currently saving towards a new system so I can run my own virtualization server at home. On top of this, I am continuing to save for a trip when quarentines settle around the world.


Saving money towards a few tours I want to do when I (hopefully!) go to Norway next year. Booked pre-pandemic so just hoping the situation eases ever so slightly so I can go!
I went Norway last year! It was absolutely beautiful. We stayed right in the centre of everything in Oslo. Have a safe trip!
I'd imagine everyone here wants to buy a PS5 or the upcoming Xbox Series S. I'll probably get a PS5, because Sony gets all the exclusives, but I did hear the new Xbox is way better overall. Plus, they have a games pass for like a dollar, which is top of the range value.


I'm always saving and that end of the day I get to buy what I do not want or not able to save to what I really want to get. ALways saving up for bills and payment days.


Right now, I have currently saving up for my first car. I have my driving test next month so hopefully I will pass that and be able to buy a car for myself
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