What are the biggest problems facing the video game industry today?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
This one is in the title really, what do you think are the biggest issues facing the video game industry as it is today? Is it anti-competitive practices (EPIC vs Steam), bad games, lack of imagination or something else?

For me it is the publishers putting out unfinished/broken games and selling them at premium prices whilst either then lobbing a massive 'day 1' patch at us (at least that's free I guess?) or then throwing in a load of micro-transactions that without you're left lagging behind everyone else who doesn't mind opening their wallet.

What do you think?
I think there are too many streamers and the influencers. And too much information being bombarded. Something that needs to be controlled. Also lot of games are nothing but hype. So that needs to be changed as well. I personally think that some videogames are not even worth buying.
The biggest problems is less content for more money. The nintendo switch seems to be the only system who truly has valuable content for the price your paying. Black Ops 4 is terrible about this and has next to no content only releasing 3 new maps 6 months after their games release (even if you bought the season pass). It's literally pathetic. They should have released around 10 maps so far and have only released 3 new maps. Their season pass is garbage. The biggest issue is that developers are putting less and less time into making their games unique and special and not putting the effort and energy so that the game stands out in a special way. Nintendo has been much better at giving their games that "special vibe".
I think microtransaction and SJW politics are two worst things that are affecting the video game industry. You can't fix the SJWs either. They seem to be destroying the gaming indsutry. Lot of bad concepts and the issues that happened with the video game industry that needs changing for sure.
  1. Competition
  2. Lack of imagination
  3. Micro transactions

Above are the three largest problems facing the gaming industry, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I can't see the solution to any of the issues.
I say its due to making games looking too good, takes so much longer to make them and then they come out with that many more bugs its hard to make a decent game these days within a timely manner.
I think gaming industry also need to stop the SJW input to get into the gaming industry. And instead focus on making some games are worth remembering.
Micro-transactions. It's either going to end up forcing developers to change or it's going to help kill some developers. People are tired of micro-transactions and that means people aren't always ready to get accept it anymore.

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