What are the best Batman games that are playable on PC?


Batman's popularity as a superhero is not only determined by his comic book sales and his live-action and animated movies and shows. Another reason why this particular superhero is so popular amongst the thousands of other superheroes in fiction is due to the games that were based on him, most notably the "Arkham" series games that were made by Rocksteady Studios. The "Arkham" series is the most well-known Batman games to date, however, there are still plenty more these sort of games, based on the Batman that might or might not be better than the "Arkham: series.
Of course, these sort of things is bound to set off the fanbase on which Batman game is the best...
In response to the many debates that rage online, I have written a well-researched article (Top 10 Best Batman Games for PC) which ranked these games accordingly.
Of course, my opinions, like everyone's else are subjective but I welcome a healthy debate on them any day. :)