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What are some video games with repetitive value?


The repetitive value in video games is very important for some people as they want to play what they purchased for a long time before they get bored or move to another game. What are some video games with repetitive value that you can recommend to someone? Do you play them a lot?

I definitely can recommend Dead by Daylight - it's a very fun game and even better when you have friends to play with. Another video game is CS:GO - the competitive matchmaking can be played as many as you want you will never get bored. War Thunder is also a great one to check if you love tanks, ships or planes (war generally).


I think strategic games tend to have the repeat value. And they also keep you engaged for hours. For example, take example of age of mythology and age of empire series. Those games have value where you are forced to play the games over and over. Some of the time the value offered by those games is a bit different compared to mainstream battle royale games.


Definitely Pokemon games. Pretty much any pokemon game is good for that but not repetitive with the same game, you would need to play all of them. If you mean the same game and multiplayer then I would have to say call of duty WW2 is a great choice or most call of duties are good that way in my own personal opinion


Mario and Donkey Kong, generally speaking, seem to be that way. Haven't got bored with them yet! However, I suppose anything could become tiresome - assuming you got so good at it - that nothing was a surprise. I mean, with the very first Mario game, it's like that (playing as an adult player). I can speed thru all levels like it's nothing! I suppose the only challenge is the speed. I mean, going as fast as possible!


Like said above, strategic games are probably the best for repetitive value because you can go different ways and not get bored of the game. I think a lot of open world games are great for this as well because you can literally do almost anything.
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