What are some of the best video games of all time?

A lot of my friends are into the game civilization for PC. It's a really popular PC game. Probably one of the more popular games even though it's not a shooter. It's a strategy war game where you make battle attacks and control different areas of the game to attack the enemy. It takes a lot of strategy.
I think the call of duty seems like a good all time favorite. Then there is bioshock too. I also loved the far cry series until their SJW series came out in the market. There seems to be a good amount of tower defense games too. I love playing them due to their capacity of keeping us occupied most of the time in such context.
I don't know why ppl don't rate minecraft here. Haven't you guys saw youtube rewind for 2019? It clearly shows which game ruled 2019 and it has been there for a decade now. So clearly, if anyone would ever ask me which game is the best of all time it is MINECRAFT!!
GTA V is the undisputed best game of all time. Everything about the game is perfect; from the story to online. In reference to GTA VI rumours, besides a different story I don’t see how you can improve GTA V from a gaming perspective.
Zelda's, Metroid series, GTAs, Persona's, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallouts, Metal Gears, Shemue just to name a few ...
Final Fantasy X, Devil May Cry 5, Devil May Cry 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, inFAMOUS, DOOM Eternal, Gen 5 Pokemon games
Probably games like DOOM, Contra, DK Country and mario 64.
Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Mario 64, Space Invaders, etc etc.
Oh yeah these definetely desetve to be on a liat like that.
Going by games that really made me think oh damn that's good... Goldeneye 64, Metal Gear sold (original) Doom, COD World of War are a few i feel was great.... oh and Star fox classic ;)
Personally, for me it would have to be battlefield 2. Yep, a classic great game that people still play. 2006 and the servers shut down back in 2024 or 2015 and yet so high demanding that they make their own servers mod up.
Currently playing D&D's Neverwinter Infernal Descent and i must say it's one ot the best MMORPGs i played so far and i played a few. Than GTA San Andreas ain't bad, GTA 5, Rayman Legends, Just Cause 4, Hob, Fallout NW, Darksiders, Cuphead and so on.
Tony Hawks Pro Skater was an amazing series. I used to obsessively play 2 when I could on n64 and 3 on gamecube.

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