Question What are better between Xbox and the PS5?

What are better between Xbox and the PS5?

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Dec 22, 2023
What are better between Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 on the performance and the gaming?

Yours sincerely Jevgeni
I don't own either. But from what I'm read, then PS5 is pretty beefy when it comes to specs.
The problem with Xbox and PlayStation is that they are both so concerned with what the other is doing that they end up developing the same console. The differences between an Xbox Series X and a PS5 in terms of hardware and features are negligible at the most. The thing thing that matters in a choice between one or the other is games. More specifically, exclusives games. On that, I come on the side of PlayStation because PlayStation Exclusives tend to carter to my tastes a little more.
As from my personal experience PS5 is way better than XBOX because i have used both of them and I like PS5
I think Playstation has better games. If I were to get a new console, it'd be a PS5!

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