What app do you use to communicate?


Whenever you are gaming with friends what app/program do you use to communicate with them? Discord, Teamspeak, Mumble, Skype or something else that you prefer? Or if there is in-game voice chat do you use it instead?

In CS:GO I can use the in-game voice chat to communicate with my friends. It's just 5 players in the team and you actually can hear what they are saying. But when I play a video game without voice chat built in I use Discord - it's simple and a lot of people are using it.


I always go through Steam's in-built chat myself or Skype if the situation requires it. It's generally easier, at least it is for sure when I'm playing with my friends anyway. If i'm playing online with randoms I will of course just use the in-game chat functions to communicate unless I like the sound of them and add them to my friends list.


Whatsapp is what I prefer with relatives, friends, family and also with the gamer friends. I do use discord every now and then. And it can be pretty fun with the communication. I'd say that some apps on the android are lot more fun. I am sure google in near future may add the chat feature in the google play as well.


I use Discord every single day. It's my main app to use. Don't much so use any other app except occasionally I might get on skype though it's very rare. I used to use skype every day but now I've drifted away from that. I even have my own server with over 100 users so far. It's quite fun to talk to people that way.
Every day I use Discord. Using it is my main app. Use no other app except sometimes I might get on skype, though this will be extremely unlikely for me. Every day I used to use skype, but now I've drifted away because of security vulnerabilitys.