Welcome to JoyFreak


New member
Feb 23, 2019
Hi guys, what a great day to start with I just received a confirmation that I can join this community so here I go writing my Introduction post.

Anyway, please welcome me to your world here in JoyFreak as I'm feeling so excited now that I'll be discussing games with your community. So I've been an avid PC gamer most of the time but I still play games in consoles every once in a while. I have this old PS3 in my dining table but right now I am more like a laptop guy. I enjoy playing fighting games, adventures, puzzle-action story (e.g. Resident Evil, God of War, The Light), racing games NFS, Forza, and War games. Name a game and you'll know I will have the time to play it as long as it is my day off.

Its been 2 and a half years now since I worked in my company as an IT analyst. Basically my works revolves around computers, software, email related issues and devices. Though I am not engaged in any gaming activities while at work I can say this is the perfect job as I'm enjoying fixing issues. Also, I'm planning to purchase a PS4 Pro console maybe sooner I hope there are cool guys here whom I could ask for help/tips in PS4 games.

I think that's all for now, enjoy and long live fellow gamers!