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Welcome to Joyfreak. Feel to open new threads and discuss. Lot of topics are out there where you can contribute. I am sure you will enjoy your time here.


Hi everyone!

Happy to be here. My name is Jaclyn & I am a crypto-enthusiast & am into gaming. I love to talk about games that incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. I'm all about sharing this technology with the world. I'm also into consciousness-expanding & energy healing.


I'm a web developer and love games a lot. I'm playing video games since 1994. hmm. Sounds Old know? Yea I'm 34 Years Old Now. Still on the track of playing games. But these days we are normally playing very simple games like Clash Royale and Almost a Hero type ones. I can remember when we were playing Metal Gear I. Oh Wow !. That was awesome.


Heyy! I'm Gaby, a Pokémon Fan, playing mostly Nintendo Games. I love turn based Rpg, be it Tactical Rpg (Fire Emblem) or JRPG (I looooove Persona too).
Splatoon, Smash, Zelda, Mario all that stuff are really fun too.
Hope to get along!
Hello Guy,

This is Cinque. I am online gamer and streamer. I love to play action related online games. I have played many online games such as die hard, call of duty and more. I am looking to play more online action games.


Hi everyone! I am sometimes a gamer, but I have another interest in this forum as a developer of a game recommendation engine.


I love computers and board games! In the evenings I finish the game in Control, but I still have a large list of what I need to go through. I am glad to find like-minded people here and those with whom I can share my ideas.
Hello! I'm CericeCopiaEmeritus (my name being i'm a hugs fan of the band Ghost), 40 years young from England, UK but living on the Isle of Man. . I've been gaming since the early 90's, i think. First console was a Master System II and it's just gone from there really. Some of my faves are Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Sonic The Hedgehog, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Animal Crossing. I also play Legend of Heroes - Trails of Cold Steel series and the Tales Of series too.
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