Welcome - introduce yourself!

Oh well, it was on that thread that I should have introduced myself ?
I am Hazardio and I am an independant mobile game developer, I'd like to share my game with you but I don't know where to post it :unsure:
You’ll need one more post (5 posts) before you can post a link. You’re welcome to post it in the gaming forum.
I like it, it looks like a fun game! I love the art style, as well :)
Wow thank you so much! ?
Hope you will be present for the launch!

Do not hesitate to like/share/follow me on social media to join and support the Gold For All community! ?
Hello everyone, I smilevet. I loved games like the witcher and assassin creed. Most often I like to go through all the series if it's a franchise. Sometimes I play online projects. All good and peace)))
Hi everyone. I'm Kev, the Social Media and Community Manager for Hardball Games. I've worked in the industry for the last 5 years, but I've been moderating and running gaming communities for almost 25 (now I feel old!)

We're currently hard at work on our MMO Battle Royal Brawler which we're excited to share with everyone once it's ready.
Hello everyone my name shadow flare I play / stream all sorts of games if I have it I will stream it. I am also not good a describing myself but do know I have a terrible streaming voice so if you ever pop in and I am silent it's cause I sound terrible
I'm an avid gamer and I'm stoked to be joining a community with fellow gamers.....my journey begins
hey im alex im a writer, i play video games, i love anime and i have a basketball podcast called hoops and breesh on youtube.
Hi everyone,
I'm a small indie dev excited to share info on my game. I've managed gaming forums for about 10 years in the cod community in the past. Recently my focus has been on game dev stuff
Hi everyone!

I'm an old fart who loves retrogaming and coding.

Favourite games that I'm playing at the moment are Bomberman 2 on SNES and NES Donkey Kong.

I'm current working on a side project where I scrape the prices of all the Geforce NOW game currently available on Steam and build a report of all the best prices. It's called Geforce NOW Spy.

Other choices, NeoGaf won't even let you register

BiG (compensating) Footy, full of the left angry at the world, their parents
No wonder their depression thread is so prominent
Owner is a crank, rest of the mods are submissive to his deranged vision
Beyond that TAZ (Admin Zone) a decent enough place

Joyfreak does tend to suffer from sabotage by other forums, seen it all before
Example, a typical Australian here will fail after only a few posts, Crocodile Dundee would be turning in his grave

Apart from that, welcome to JF
Update on NeoGaf
Banned from NeoGaf by the woke left
Sat around complaining about Little Mermaid, get what you vote for it's that simple
Howdy everyone. I'm cat, and I play Xbox a lot, so if anyone wants to play any Call of Duty, Fortnite, Minecraft, or pretty much anything, shoot me a message!

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