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Hi guys, I'm Empty! I chose the name because I heard about the empty internet bot thing and thought it was funny. I used to be a big poster on the Toribash forums way back in the day, and I started missing the forum format a bunch recently so I decided to sign up here. Looking forward to seeing people around!
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Hi everyone! Newbie here. I don't always play video games, but when I do, I prefer to save the world. lol
Hi. I'm 2Cents. I've been gaming for several years now. I'm just an old lady who would like to make some friends and have some fun with casual gaming. I play Fortnite. I just started with Apex Legends. I'm on a Nintendo Switch so my gameplay isn't of the sweaty nature. I play several other games as well.
Hello, I'm Progrumz! I've been playing games for almost thirty years now, the vast majority of my life, and I tend to gravitate towards older and more obscure titles. I hope to get to know everyone well! :)
Oh well, it was on that thread that I should have introduced myself ?
I am Hazardio and I am an independant mobile game developer, I'd like to share my game with you but I don't know where to post it :unsure:

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