War Thunder Best France Planes By Tier


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Mar 25, 2021
Do these guys even exist in War Thunder? Well, they do and they've got some decent planes, I guess. Check some of their planes here!

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War Thunder Best France Planes By Tier​

Updated: 27 Aug 2022 2:01 am

Michaello's pictureBY: Michał Kalinowski

Ah, the French the faction that you forget was in WW2 because quickly they lost their line. I mean they didn’t expect to be backstabbed by Belgium so it’s reasonable but let’s not forget that the French are much better than the British and they were fierce warriors in WW1. But we’re not here to talk about their past oh no, we are here to talk about their aircraft.
When it comes to their planes they have a huge variety of them, some are better while others are worse. But that’s why today I’ll be listing the best 2 French aircraft by tier. Each tier will have two aircraft so that way you don’t read a novel accidentally.

Tier 1​

The best plane: D.371 H.S.9
I feel like I’m writing the codes for the nuclear launch pad instead of the name of an aircraft. This is a fighter airplane specifically meant for hunting down the big guys in the sky. This aircraft is light as paper but it does carry a lot of firepowers. But if a bird were to accidentally hit a wing the whole airplane would go down. Thankfully that’s not a mechanic in this vidya game.
More info: D.371 H.S.9 - War Thunder Wiki
See it in action:

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