View Resident Evil 3 Remake gameplay here


Resident Evil 3 Remake livestream has showcased twenty minutes of gameplay on Capcom's official Twitch.

The Twitch livestream was hosted by RE Community Manager, Katastrophe showcasing protagonist Jill Valentine on the mean streets of Raccoon City. The livestream is also spoiler-free, meaning Kat doesn’t pick up any puzzle items, nor attempt to solve any puzzles she comes across.

Near the end of the stream we think Kat might be showing off Jill’s new dodge technique.

Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance will head to PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC from April 3, 2020. A demo will be coming ahead of release.

I'm probably gonna pick up the remake at some point, but i'm gonna wait a few months because like a month after RE2 was released it was on sale for pretty cheap so i'm expecting the RE3 remake to do the same, and since RE3 was the weakest out of the original series IMO, i can hold off on picking it up.

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