Video games that changed your concept of video games

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Dec 25, 2018
Mine is The Witness

It was a very powerful exercise in learning about learning, especially when so many games spend so much time showing you how to use your three skill trees.
It has to be GTA: Vice City for me. It didn't change that much but for me, that was the first proper video game that I played and loved playing. It was the game that got me into gaming properly and it's a game from the one series that I love so much - GTA
I think GTA and battle royale definitely got me more into the games. I think MOBA these days is also making me more excited about gaming.
GTA V and Fortnite (at least, when it was relevant.) But GTA was the thing that got me seriously interested in gaming.
GTA for me right now, got me kind of turn off due to various changes they made recently. But I do have kind of open mind for MOBA games.

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