Discussion Valve Scale Down Expectations for Team Fortress 2's Upcoming Update


Jan 13, 2020
Team Fortress 2, the hero shooter game developed by Valve, has been in maintenance mode for years with very few updates, except for some that fight exploits. Therefore, the recent announcement by Valve that a “full-on update-sized update” would be coming to Team Fortress 2 this summer, got fans excited about the possibility of new content. However, Valve has since quietly edited their original announcement blog post, which has scaled down the expectations for the upcoming update while emphasizing the community-developed aspects of it.

Valve has rephrased some key parts of the original announcement, like the mention of a “full-on update-sized update” being now referred to as a “full-on holiday-sized update.” Many fans were excited that “update-sized” pointed to more Valve-developed content, like new maps and skins, akin to the Jungle Inferno update or something similar. However, the update will be mainly community sourced, as clarified by Valve’s replacement of the original tease of new items and maps with “other community-contributed fixes for the game.”

Valve’s announcement of a seasonal Halloween or Christmas update is not unusual. However, the recent announcement was met with excitement from fans, who have been starved for new updates. The Team Fortress 2 community has been creating exciting additions to the game, and they’ll likely continue to do so with this upcoming update.

Valve’s quiet walk-back of their original announcement has put the expectations in check. The recent TF2 asset leak revealed unused maps, new modes, mechs, and witches. These ideas might be used in the future, although it is not certain. Meanwhile, Steam Workshop creators have until May 1st to submit their contributions, and potentially be included in the “holiday-sized” summer update.

The state of Team Fortress 2 might have disappointed fans, but there are still some things to look forward to, like the parody video of the voice cast singing ABBA’s Mamma Mia. For now, Team Fortress 2 is available as a free-to-play download on Steam.

If you’re a TF2 player, you can look forward to the upcoming community-sourced update this summer. You can also participate in the game’s community by submitting your own contributions to the Steam Workshop before May 1st. While you wait for the update, enjoy the game’s current offerings or even the ABBA parody video.

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