Valve attempted to hire Kojima and Nintendo, offered six figures for an exclusive


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Dec 12, 2018
[10/25/2016 9:46:45 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: funfact: we wanted to employ kojima but sony outbid us by - like a lot
[10/25/2016 9:46:56 PM] Tyler McVicker: I have seen some shit, and I have stories
[10/25/2016 9:47:24 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: not when he visited, way back when all the shit at konami went down

[3:18:12 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: just got out of the nintendo meeting
[3:18:18 PM] Tyler McVicker: Cool
[3:18:33 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: they offered 6 figures for an exclusive
[3:18:47 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: we're thinking about it
[3:19:05 PM] Tyler McVicker: That's pretty interesting
[3:19:21 PM] Tyler McVicker: Probably a Unity made game
[3:19:43 PM] Tyler McVicker: Something Puzzle, attached to Aperture
[3:19:44 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: could be unreal. most here seem to be team unreal and NX supports it
[3:19:55 PM] Tyler McVicker: Nice
[3:20:02 PM] Tyler McVicker: Unreal is cool too
[3:20:04 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: switch, sorry. that's a habit by now
[3:20:10 PM] Tyler McVicker: I still call it NX
[3:20:27 PM] Tyler McVicker: I reported on that thing since it's first announcement, it's NX to me for a while
[3:20:41 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: we got 5 of each
[3:20:47 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: there are 2 versions
[3:20:52 PM] Tyler McVicker: What do you mean each?
[3:21:09 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: one with just the screen part that looks more or less identical to the one in the reveal video
[3:21:36 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: and one with a "box" at the back with built in lan and a controller port
[3:21:57 PM] Tyler McVicker: Oh, so a dev unit
[3:22:09 PM] Cephalon Cephalon: yeah, they're final internals though


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