US-China Trade Wars - What are your thoughts?


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Feb 6, 2019
Just recently another round of trade talks were made by both the US and China. But apparently this trade talks are done with some other issues lingering at the sides like the chinese supposedly "bullying" in the South China Sea and other stunts not directly related to trade. This thing deserves some attention because it could result into a full blown clash betweem 2 superpowers. What's your take on this?
The US and China two superpowers at the moment, no doubt that the US is the favorite, regarding this I think that there will never be any conflict or war between them because both countries have to gain from the world economy, a war would destabilize them.
Just the other day a British aircraft carrier with a loadfull of warplanes was deployed in the highly contested area in an apparent move to challenge a looming chinese hegemony . It isn't just about war but trade. The old guards do not wnat chinese monopoly/control of these important trading routes in the West Phil Sea.
I heard that on news the other day also. British aircraft carrier was sent to the pacific region to show that the contested area in South China Sea which is very strategic in trade, its a sign of test whether or not China will respond, because China is provocative when it comes to small countries like the Philippines, but in other big nations, sometimes they diplomatically react to the matter.
This is basically the new cold war. We've seen this behaviour between superpowers before. They provoke each other until they have to back off because otherwise they would start an actual conflict, which nobody wants.
I doubt these two superpowers would go the fighting way. Rather, most of these power games are aimed at seeking to show the world who calls the shots around. Otherwise, each of these countries has too much to lose if they start firing at each other. But on the other hand, trade wars are likely to continue for generations to come.
Sometimes your dealing with actions taken by 3rd parties that aren't directly related to any military agenda or orders. Not sure if that was the case here however it could very well be that there was no direct military order in which you speak of. China and the United States will surely remain allies. Of course disabling trade agreements is one thing but to dismantle trade tariffs can sometimes be an act of war. I don't think it would ever get to that though. The United States is quite smart when it comes to giving the Chinese there respectful boundary in trade through their territories. I don't think the United States will lose the Chinese as an ally.

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