Untitled Goose Game dev donates 1% of revenues to Indigenous groups


Untitled Goose Game House House has offered to donate 1% of its future revenues to Australian Indigenous groups.

House House on Twitter:
“Our videogames are made on stolen Wurundjeri land. We at House House will be paying at least 1% of our income to Indigenous groups, in perpetuity, as part of the Pay the Rent movement. We’d encourage others to do the same.”
House House will begin by donating to the Wurundjeri Tribe Council, Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance and Seed, an Indigenous youth network. You can do the same by heading here.

Untitled Goose Game is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Mac and Wndows PC.
That is pretty awesome of them, though how much of their total money is that 1% coming from?
I think 1% is pretty low but I guess they must have their own reason for the same. In such case you can see that they must be trying to work it out on tax deduction side perhaps.

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