News Universal Studios welcomes Super Nintendo World in 2023


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May 13, 2021
Good news is that Super Nintendo World is coming to the United States. This news is announced by Universal Studios.

In fact, the theme park launched at Universal Studios Japan last year, and features themed attractions inspired by Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise.


For the Mushroom Kingdom, the Super Mario World theme park in Japan gives you the chance of stomping Goombas and collecting coins. All will use Warp Pipes to go from one area of the park to another.

Of course, there are many shops where you can get exclusive Nintendo merchandising and restaurants. You can eat Red Mushroom-shaped cake as well as Power Star-shaped rice.

All of the experiences will be moved to Universal Studios Hollywood in the USA, which will open the Super Mario World in 2023.

After many times of being delayed by the pandemics, Super Mario World opened at Universal Studios Japan to commercial success.

That’s not really a surprise. Super Mario is one of the most iconic video game franchises in the whole world. This is an important part of gaming culture for many generations in more than four decades.

Super Mario is one of the most iconic video game franchises

However, your experience of Nintendo world will be more interesting when other franchises get their own sections in the theme park.

There’s already a Donkey Kong expansion in the works at Universal Studios Japan. You can see the favorite family of monkeys crossing the ocean to the United States also.

Mario first showed up in the arcade game Donkey Kong in 1981, still named “Jumpman” for his incredible leaping performance. The Italian plumber got his definitive name in 1983, when the first Mario Bros released.

The Super Mario franchise started officially in 1985, defining many 2D platforming mechanics that are still a staple in the gaming industry. Since then, Super Mario has become a special phenomenon, with dozens of games released in every console Nintendo.


If we can’t wait for the Super Mario World theme park to open in the U.S.A, Universal Studios Hollywood will plan to use its Feature Presentation retail store to sell special merchandising from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Among the items you can grab at the store, there’s a selection of plush characters in various sizes, including Yoshi, Mario, Bowser, and Luigi. The store will be located just inside the theme park’s main entrance.

There’s already a Donkey Kong expansion
Universal Studios Hollywood states that the Super Mario merchandising will be soon available, there’s no opening date announced for this special event.

We’re easy to wait for the opening, hope everything goes well. Leave your comment if you’re curious about this!


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