Question Underrated Divinity game (RPG)

Dragon Slayer

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Sep 9, 2022
Hi dear gamers and RPG players. I have question. Have you played ever Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga(Developer's Cut)? If you played what do you think about this game?

I want to write my thoughts about game. This game one and only Divinity game by Larian Studios which is not isometric. I think this game is best Dragon Themed RPG ever for me and one of my favourite #1 game. This game have good gameplay,combat system and story. But..... D2: DKS have one uniqual thing;become the dragon,battle with dragons..
When I ask about this game in RPG groups or to any RPG fans they don't know about this game and one thing which always make me sad, whenever I talk about "Divinity" even about Divinity 2:Developer's Cut, most rpg players thinks of "Original Sin".it is strange.. I think this game don' deserve treatment like this.What do you think about that why this game such underrated?
And one recommandation.. if you have not played this game ever I recommend to play now.. trust me you will not regret..

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