Ubisoft's Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Blood Dragon animated series detailed


Splinter Cell, Far Cry and Captain Laserhawk A Blood Dragon Remix animated series are coming to Netflix and have been detailed by Ubisoft.

First, Splinter Cell will be written by John Wick‘s Derek Kolstad and Netflix has released our first look at what the series will look like. It’s above.

Next, Captain Laserhawk A Blood Dragon Remix will embrace the craziness of Blood Dragon itself. The show is led by Castlevania‘s Adi Shankar, who said it will be one that spans myriad Ubisoft IP.

Shankar said:
Ubisoft allowed me to create a new Universe for them that acts as a ‘Blood Dragon remix’ of all Ubisoft properties. Think Captain N: The Game Masters but good .. or the Bootleg Universe short films without copyright infringement!

Finally, the Far Cry series, decidedly not Blood Dragon, would be an “adult anime series”.

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Man, Netflix dump a huge cash flow into its animation departments and said make it happen for so many series. I hope they all turn out well.

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