U.S. promises to defend the Philippines from a China attack


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Feb 6, 2019
US Sec of State Pompeo said that the US will defend the Philippines from any Chines aggression because of the Mutual Defense Treaty ACt of 1951. This is probably the best move the Philippinees just made in the face of chinese agressive stance in the west Philippne sea.
The chinese are huge allies to the U.S.

Hopefully this will not change their views. There's a certain respect there where I don't believe it will change much. Just sort of warning to the Chinese, sort of like a warning shot where they know nothing will happen but just a caution measure to stay clear. It's a super power respect. We United States leads the arms race and also the super power race. The chinese are our allies and are on our side. However, sometimes when you have a best friend that best friend could still cross the line and you must give him fair warning.
Waaait, I thought the Philippinees were looking at going to war with Canada over a trash dispute?
Smaller nations want defense from bigger nations. They are distrustful of bigger nations. Well, that seems natural.
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