Twitch streamer Zoe 0601 harshly criticized after taking a bath with friends on livestream


Dec 7, 2021
A series of revealing acts of dress, Zoe 0601 invited her best friend to livestream to take a hot bath. This caused her to face waves of harsh criticism from the public. Check out this article to learn more about it.

Who is Zoe 0601?

As a famous female streamer on the Twitch platform, she has more than 72 thousand followers. With a beautiful, cute appearance and charming way of talking, Zoe 0601 won the hearts of fans. She attracts a large fan base and loyally follows Zoe 0601 on various social networks.


Hot tub livestream trend

In recent years, the trend of livestream bath or hot tub has become quite popular on the Twitch platform. There have been many female streamers who responded and followed this trend enthusiastically and excitedly. They know how to take advantage of the loophole in being allowed to wear bikinis at places like beaches, baths, and hot springs to show off their bodies and attract donations.

Prohibited to reveal underwear, female streamer shows off her breasts on the dance floor => Read now

This trend became more and more known when Riot had to separate bathing content into a part on Twitch. The hot trend is not only practiced in the West but also quickly spread to Korea. Or even the group of female streamers who combine bath content with pets on the stream. But when implementing the bath trend, female streamers often encounter criticism and objections from netizens.

Invite a group of close friends to take a bath and dance to provoke Zoe 0601

One of the hottest hot tub trends is Zoe 0601 and friends. In detail, on December 8, the female streamer and some friends gathered to make a livestream plan to take a bath. Her group of friends also joked with great enthusiasm on the live broadcast. The dance moves are super fun when continuously dancing and writing the names of donors on my body during the live stream.


The story seems to be more complicated when the video recording the dance scene of this streamer group was posted and shared on the Reddit forum. It doesn't end at jokingly responding to the bath trend, but they receive many objections about this. For Western audiences, they are used to and not very sympathetic to the content of bathing. Drama takes place between two former Amouranth and Indie Fox girls. That's why they have harshly criticized the incident of female streamer Zoe 0601. Some people even wonder when her channel has not been banned. Others think that she should be banned from doing this.

Livestream bath tub is a trick to catch the view?

Some people believe that for unknown reasons, the number of viewers on female streamer Zoe 0601's channel has increased markedly in recent days. She owns 123 thousand new views and increased to more than 2 thousand followers in less than a day. Moreover, she is very close to the goal of 100,000 followers on the Twitch platform.

In a way, Zoe 0601's show off on livestream is considered effective when the number of followers increases rapidly. Is this a trick to entice her fans? Before the broadcast, the number of followers of her channel increased quite small and insignificant.

Through the article to help you better understand the case of Zoe 0601 inviting her best friend to livestream an offensive bath. The action was met with mixed opinions and criticism from the public. Thank you for your interest and follow the article.
Bruh, Twitch is crazy man, I remember when it was a gaming platform, not a whatever it is now.
To be fair though, I wouldn't really bother with OnlyFans, AdmireMe, or these similar sites. It's usually a waste of money. Go to a sauna and pay for a chick that way. Or just look like Brad Pitt. There you go!

You pay X amount of cash to become a "fan" of some broad, who will likely act like she cares about your custom, so you'll give her a lot of extra cash via what's called tipping. They really DO NOT give a damn about you otherwise. And read the reviews. Some girls can get nasty if you ask to meet them, and the word "meet" is also censored on there.

Besides that, I didn't usually receive the clips I paid for. I'd send money. Often a fair amount, which I think they request on purpose. They'd act like they wanted to film something. Weeks would go by. Their "mental health wasn't great" at the time. Whatever reason, or more likely, an excuse they made up on the fly. :p

But yeah. It's not just for sex related content, though. There was a big stink a few months ago, about them dropping the adult content side of things altogether. Everybody cried foul, so they have kept it mostly the same for fear of people taking their business elsewhere. But Jesus, it's a shite site, that's like holding a carrot to a donkey's eyeballs. :D

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