Twitch streamer Atrioc apologises for paying for deepfakes of female broadcasters


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Jan 13, 2023
On January 30, a clip claiming to "expose" Atrioc for looking at deepfakes of other streamers gained traction. In the clip, Atrioc briefly shows his tabs, one of which was allegedly a deepfake website.

This website sells access to deepfake images and videos of female Twitch streamers, including Pokimane, Maya Higa, and QTCinderella. The images and videos are graphic in nature.

A few hours after the clip went viral, Atrioc appeared on stream with his partner to address the situation.

"This is so embarrassing," Atrioc said. He explained he had taken a keen interest in AI and deepfake technology, such as AI art.

"But I was on a regular website, and there was an ad on every video… and then I click it, and then I'm in this rabbit hole.

"I got morbidly curious and I clicked something. It's gross and I'm sorry. It's so embarrassing."

He also claimed that it was not a "pattern of behavior", and that he had only looked at it once. He said he could show the receipt to prove he purchased access to the site on the same day as the clip was made.


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