Twitch or YouTube Gaming - Which do you prefer?


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Feb 7, 2019
If you are a streamer which platform you find more useful and friendly. Also the monetization part is going to be there. So my point is which platform you choose for the gaming streaming. Also if you are not a streamer which one of those two platform you choose for checking out new games. Or have any specific streamer that you love? I'd love to know your choice on the same.

Do you like twitch or youtube gaming?
For me i would choose twitch because i have been streaming on stream and i still didn't know more about on youtube. but for gaming platform i recommend that you use twitch because mostly viewers are watching twitch livestream than youtube live.
Twitch is the true platform if anybody wants to stream, at least I think it's the best one. It's dedicated to streaming and more people use it to watch their favourite streamers. Also, it's easier to make money on Twitch rather than YouTube. Channel subscriptions, more donations because of more viewers and it's more likely to get a sponsor to display their ads on your stream there.
I always watch my streams over on Twitch as opposed to Youtube. As others in the thread have said, it's more dedicated to gaming streams and it's the popular platform for people to watch streams on. YouTube can try all it wants to capture that bit of things but I only pop on YouTube now for meme videos, waching streaming fails and music videos when I can't be bothered getting my phone out to open Apple Music.
I think streams may eat a lot of data on our end. But they can be fun to watch for some games. I tend to avoid the commentary based streams though. I like to avoid having the commentary while some serious games are going on.

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