Trudeau warns U.S. over restricting the trade of essential goods into Canada


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Dec 11, 2018
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent out a warning to the Trump administration to keep the Canada-U.S. border open to trade in essential goods after medical manufacturer 3M said it is being forced to stop the export of N95 face masks to Canada.

At a news conference on Friday, Mr. Trudeau said that blocking trade to Canada could backfire and “end up hurting Americans as much as it hurts anybody else.”

“The level of integration between our economies goes both ways across the border. We are receiving essential supplies from the United States, but the United States also receives essential supplies and products – and indeed, health-care professionals – from Canada every single day,” he said. “It would be a mistake to create blockages or reduce the amount of back-and-forth trade in essential goods and services, including medical goods, across our border.”

Mr. Trudeau said Canadian officials have been in direct contact with American officials to highlight the need for collaboration to obtain necessary medical supplies. He had not spoken with U.S President Donald Trump ahead of his news conference.


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