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Dec 12, 2018


Gamer Guides (3/5)
Trials of Mana is the pure definition of an AA game and that is not necessarily a criticism, not every game has to be a AAA blockbuster. Indeed, despite my grievances with a lot of the game’s issues, I never once disliked my time with the game and hopefully this is the start of a revival for the Mana series .

Noisy Pixel (9/10)
Unapologetically Traditional
Trials of Mana is unapologetically traditional and, yet, still makes itself accessible to all JRPG fans, both new and old. The dedication that the developers show as they retain the fantasy appeal of this classic title with updated systems is what ultimately shines during every moment of this adventure. There’s plenty here to explore with one campaign taking me around 20 hours to complete, with things to do that I missed, which had me jumping right back in for more. Sure, there’s some issue with the AI companions, but Trials of Mana is an adventure worth going on, and you’ll be thrilled that you did.

RPGSite (8/10)
Despite some presentation issues and some lack of difficulty, Trials of Mana is fantastic fun. It knows what it is and delivers on its promises as a remake with confidence. The world of Trials of Mana is one I won’t soon forget.
Digitally Downloaded (4.5/5)
Unlike the remake of Final Fantasy VII, Trials of Mana doesn't take the opportunity to rework the story, nor does it aim to add to the existing world that anyone who played the original will experience. It's more akin to Nintendo's own Link's Awakening remake in that it's a traditionally-minded remake that simply seeks to give fans a beloved experience as seen through a modern lens. And yet, it still goes well above and beyond what was strictly necessary for a remake. This is a game that feels decidedly modern and could (and should) appeal to a much broader audience than "existing Trials of Mana" fans.

Gamespot (6/10)
Trials of Mana adds modern hooks to an obscure classic JRPG, but fluid combat is held back by some frustrating choices.

Trials of Mana stands on the strength of its combat, and the fact that it's how you spend the vast majority of your time. That easy recommendation comes qualified with several elements that don't work nearly as well, from dull and hodge-podge storytelling to bewildering progression systems. Seeing a historical curiosity through the lens of a mostly modernized action-RPG was enough to pull me through the experience despite my quibbles, though, so there's certainly still life in the world of Mana.

Gameinformer (7.75)
Trials of Mana excels in its fast-paced combat and intense boss battles, but a few frustrating elements ruin the fun.
It may look more modern, but Trials of Mana is a faithful remake outside of its combat tweaks – and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. But as a fan of the original, parts of this game are still charming. I adored the combat and boss fights (when my A.I. cooperated), and even with some of its repetitive nature and horrible voice acting, I didn’t want to put the game down. It’s a decent remake but not the fantastic one it could have been. This series has so much potential, I’d just love to see it fully realized.
IGN (8/10)
Old-school charm in a new-school wrapper.
rials of Mana is absolutely charming and does an excellent job keeping what works from the original while upgrading its aesthetics to the modern era. The combat system works well in its new 3D trappings, with a tough but satisfying learning curve. The transition to modern tech has introduced some camera problems, though, and I wish Square Enix had taken this opportunity to flesh out the world with interesting sidequests and to trim out some of the more tedious dialogue. Even so, exploring, battling, and waging war with bosses all remain really fun, and its JRPG tropes come off as charming throwbacks rather than eye-rolling cliches.
The Sixth Axis (8/10)
The classic JRPG remake you’ve been waiting for?
Trials of Mana is an exciting new step for the Mana series, breathing new, fully 3D life into a SNES classic that was left inaccessible to English fans for decades. The inventive and memorable story of the original game blends perfectly with the flashy new real-time combat system, and while muddy textures and a lack of co-op prove to somewhat sour the experience, this is still a stellar action RPG remake that anyone can get a kick out of.
Nintendolife (8/10)
A potent blend
Trials of Mana proves itself to be a successful revival of a lost classic, smartly infusing new design and content where necessary while still maintaining the spirit of the original. Multi-threaded storylines, an enjoyable combat system and flexible character progression combine to make this one a fantastic experience from start to finish, even if occasional performance problems hinder the experience somewhat. We’d give Trials of Mana a high recommendation to RPG fans and newcomers alike; there’s plenty here to love for both camps, and we hope that this release could act as a blueprint for future entries in the Mana series.
Usgamer (4/5)
A classic 2D RPG classic does even better in the 3D realm.
Trials of Mana is a strong remake of the classic 2D Super Famciom RPG that Western fans pined after for so very, very long. Its story is a bit weak, Charlotte's English voice acting might make you retch, and there's some notable repetition in the game's environments, but fighting through enemy hordes feels great. It's a considerable step above the 2018 revamp of Secret of Mana, so no worries there.
Hobby Consolas (8/10)
Analysis of Trials of Mana
A faithful remake that bring us back to the golden age of the JRPG. It might be even too faithful, as some aspects have become stall... But some others are as relevant today as the were in the original game, proving that Trials of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 3 is a true gem.
Wccftech (8.5/10)
From SNES to Switch, This Sword Still Shines
Trials of Mana reworks the classic tale of the Mana Sword into something that feels completely fresh. Even if you already know the story beats by heart, this is a remake worth considering.
Push Square (7/10)
Back to your roots
It may be a full 3D remake of a classic action RPG, but Trials of Mana sticks rigidly to the structure of the original game. As a result, its storytelling and characters are one-note and largely forgettable -- hampered further by awkward cutscenes and dodgy English voice acting -- but its nicely paced gameplay feels surprisingly fresh in a time when modern RPGs have a tendency to drag on for hundreds of hours. What's more, its simple but smooth and effective combat system makes for some moreish action. All in all, Trials of Mana is a delightful throwback.


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