[Top 5] War Thunder Best Premium American Tanks That Are Powerful 2022


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Mar 25, 2021
We've discussed the planes for a little bit, time for the best tanks from the USA in War Thunder!

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[Top 5] War Thunder Best Premium American Tanks That Are Powerful 2022​

Updated: 22 Jul 2022 7:30 pm

Yankee stuff is always the best!
Michaello's pictureBY: Michał Kalinowski

Hello, guys. How about we talk about a few premium American tanks today? They’ve got some of the most powerful and unique tanks, known for decent speed and armor that can withstand plenty of damage from other tanks. I’m gonna discuss them one by one, mention some of their best features, and why you should grind for them. Also, I will mention tanks from different tiers! Let’s start with:

5. M2A4​


Tiny but deadly.
That’s what my GF says at least. You may wonder to yourself, how can a tank of this size pose any threat on the battlefield? Well, it has plenty of armor, especially in the front, it’s also sloped, which can make incoming projectiles bounce off of it. It’s also fast, it can reach speeds of 64 KM/H, which is very good for a tank in tier I, just make sure not to crash into other buildings at that speed, as it might cause your crew to be knocked out. Also don’t play alone, as little and fast this feller might seem, he might struggle against higher-rank vehicles.
Why this tankette is awesome:
  • Small and fast, pain in the ass to hit
  • Above-average backward speed can get out of bad situations relatively well
  • The main cannon is also decent, although it may struggle a little bit against higher BR tanks - in that case, stick with your team and provide extra firepower
More info:
M2A4 (1st Arm.Div.) - War Thunder Wiki

4. T34 Calliope​


Sweet Jesus.

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